Princess of the Truest King

A Teen Girl Walking with God

When ever you feel overwhelmed, remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown.

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Prayer and ADHDers (and other people who struggle with traditional prayer)

Disclaimer: my ADHD is self-diagnosed(I’ve done the research and it runs in my family) and these are just my thoughts and what works for me. ADHD presents differently for everyone so some of this may not be accurate for you. If you have questions or a different experience, put it in the comments, I’d loveContinue reading “Prayer and ADHDers (and other people who struggle with traditional prayer)”

Bible Gardening: A Creative Way to Connect with God

Calling all naturally creative Christians: Bible Gardening could be just the thing for you to “grow” your relationship with God. I learned about it from a YouTuber, Kat Woods. You can find her video about it here. Bible Gardening doesn’t involve an actual garden; it’s symbolism. Bible Gardening refers to the Garden of Eden and how itContinue reading “Bible Gardening: A Creative Way to Connect with God”

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